Small wet spots on carpet could cause long term home damage

Mold can start growing with the littlest wet spot.

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Rain, rain, rain… that’s what Topekans have seen almost everyday outside.

Unfortunately for some residents, they have started seeing it inside as well.

“With all this rain and everything, it just started flooding,” said Brian Dulle whose home leaked with water. “Nothing major, but I noticed Monday some wet spots.”

Dulle is KSNT’s digital content producer and his apartment suffered some small water issues from all the rain.

Like many with water damage, not getting on top of small leaks can create bigger problems down the road.

“Once we get excess moisture in our enclosed house, you really get 24-48 hours to get that moisture down, because if you don’t, then mold can begin to grow,” said Dan Chavez of Chavez Restoration and Cleaning.

Chavez explains the first step is the most critical, just simply get the water out, and you can do that with a couple methods.

You can try soaking up the water with a dry towel and applying pressure on top of the towel. The pressure will help get the water from the carpet as well as the water underneath the pad.

If that doesn’t work, Chavez suggests another technique.

“The next step would be a shop vac, have a good strong shop vac,” Chavez said.

That’s what Dulle tried after the towel method.

“Finally got my vacuum Thursday morning and started vacuuming both spots and ended up getting three buckets full of water,” Dulle said.

In Dulle’s case, the apartment managers have taken steps to prevent future problems, giving Dulle some comfort as his apartment dries out.

If you’re home has wet carpet spots, here are some techniques on how to dry it quickly. Click here.

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