Topeka Police warn of business burglaries

Topeka (KSNT) –

“I think we tend to get complacent and we think, ‘oh it’s not going to happen to us, or it’s not going to happen here.’ And the next thing we know, we’re the victim of that particular type of crime,’ says Lt. Colleen Stuart of the Topeka Police Department.

But random burglaries are exactly what’s been happening around Topeka in the last few weeks. Stores being broken into, then money stolen, in the middle of the night.
And one burglary can mean a huge hit to small business owners.

“I bought it, it’s mine. I put cash into it, and to have someone just walk out with it, that’s out of my pocket,” says Rodney Vincent, owner of A-1 Restaurant Equipment.

An unfortunate trend, that police see increasing during the summer.
“This is that type of crime that tends to rise during warmer weather,” says Stuart.

Which is why as the temperatures continue to warm up, police are asking business owners to do some store assessment.
“The alarm system, the building security, and the cash handling, are things the business owner should take into consideration,” says Stuart.

Police say they are concerned with the recent burglaries, which is why they’re offering free security assessments for any business that wants one.

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