After making progress, lawmakers to discuss more tax issues

(KSNT Photo/Kaitlin Berry)

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Kansas legislators will be in their 105th day figuring out a way to solve their revenue problems.

On Wednesday, the House approved a budget for the next two years, but there’s still no way to pay for it.

The Kansas Senate passed a tax bill but now we wait for the house to weigh in.

Yet, instead of debating the bill in both chambers Wednesday afternoon, legislators decided to let the tax committee before further discussion.

Lawmakers say the battle over the state’s taxing problems however, is far from over.

“This year the governor and his people have circumvented all that process, and said all we are going to do is take a bill into conference,” said Rep. Jim Ward, (D) Wichita. “It’s like an empty cup of coffee and then we’ll pour in the taxes that we want and then we will make you vote for what we want. So what happened in the senate is they passed their version of the coffee cup out.”

The Senate is considering cutting around $400 million from state agencies, public schools, and public safety programs.

They will try to impose a 5.9% across the board to cut to all government spending.

This proposal is trying to help with the projected $406 million short fall.

The joint tax committee is expected to meet ¬†Thursday morning at 11 o’clock.

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