Kansas Senate will not debate budget, majority leader says

(KSNT File Photo)

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP/KSNT) — The Kansas Senate is not planning to debate any budget proposals despite the threat of state worker furloughs on Sunday.

Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce said Thursday that the chamber would wait until it could pair a budget with other policies to ensure it would balance.

The House approved a budget proposal Wednesday that would shrink the state’s projected deficit for the fiscal year beginning July 1 to about $406 million. But it would require tax increases to cover the rest.

“Today marks day 105 of the 2015 Kansas Legislature. We are on the verge of furloughing thousands of state employees and breaking the record for longest session in Kansas history.” said Kansas Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley in a statement sent to KSNT News Thursday afternoon.

“Instead of debating a $400 million shortfall in our state’s budget, and how to pay for it, the Senate’s agenda today is to debate conference committee reports on scrap metal and deer antlers.  The people of Kansas deserve much better than this.

Bruce had said earlier that the Senate would consider a budget proposal that would avoid tax increases by imposing a 5.9 percent across-the-board cut to all government spending except debt payments.

Hensley said the word ‘dysfunctional’ is one way to describe this session, but the word ‘disgraceful’ is now a better description.

Administration officials have said state workers would be furloughed Sunday without a budget deal.

This year’s session is now the second-longest ever.


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