Rabies cases reported near Shawnee County

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Researchers at Kansas State University said they’ve seen almost 60 cases of rabies in the last five months.

And after a Lake Perry resident was attacked by a rabid fox, locals are on the look out for more potentially dangerous animals.

The victim was attacked earlier this week in their yard and the neighborhood homeowner’s association sent an email reminding residents not to feed the wildlife they see in the area.

“Some of the wild animals are so beautiful that you may be tempted to feed them to keep them in your area,” the email read. “Please be aware of the danger this can cause…rabid animals in your area.”

The warning extends to walking and bike trails around Lake Perry. At the end of April, a skunk was killed and subsequently tested positively for rabies.

Researchers have seen the largest number of positive rabies cases in skunks and bats across the state. However, coyotes, fox and raccoon have also tested for the virus.

If you see an animal exhibiting signs like disorientation, foam around the mouth, unafraid to approach humans or a nocturnal animal out during the day, experts say call local animal control or police.

“When you encounter a wild animal that does not exhibit fear of humans, you might have to be a little bit concerned with the possibility that one could be sick and avoid that animal,” Dennis Dinwiddie, the director of education and conservation at the Topeka Zoo, said.

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