Hi-Crest neighborhood to get face lift


TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Hi-Crest neighborhood in Topeka is getting a much-needed face lift this summer.

A public information meeting is set for Thursday, June 11 at Avondale East NET Reach Center (455 SE Golf Park Blvd.) to share information about several projects. Residents can come and go between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. to visit with project engineers.

Here is the list of improvements and their locations, according to the Public Works department:

  • Concrete curb and gutter repair:
    • SE Adams to SE Indiana from SE Pinecrest to SE 33rd
    • SE Indiana to SE California from SE 29th to SE 35th
  • Infill sidewalks:
    • SE Adams to SE Humbolt from SE 31st to SE 36th

Work in the area of Indiana and California at 29th and 35th has already begun on a limited basis. This work is along the south end of Illinois and, on Friday, it will continue quickly on Colorado near 29th street.

Work in the area of Adams, Indiana, Pinecrest and 33rd is scheduled around June 15.

Both projects are expected to take until late November.

The sidewalk project was mostly completed last year. It will receive finishing touches later this summer.

According to Topeka’s most recent neighborhood health map, the west side of the Hi-Crest neighborhood is in “intensive care”; the northeast portion is “at risk”; and the southeast portion is designated as “outpatient.”

The sidewalk work is targeted at the “intensive care” region, and the concrete curb and gutter repair will occur mostly in the “outpatient” region. Click here to view an interactive map. 



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