Ozawkie residents battle the heat without fresh tap water for 5 days

OZAWKIE (KSNT) — Last night’s storm have added on to all the rain from recent weeks, making Northeast Kansas very saturated.

Flooded lake water has seeped into the city of Ozawkie’s water supply. Forcing residents to boil their water in the city.

The city of Ozawkie issued a boil water advisory on Sunday. Five days later, and it’s still in place.

The overflowing water at Perry Lake has seeped into the wells, contaminating the water.

“The lake level is up quite a bit from all of the rain we’ve had,” said Scott Gibson, utility superintendent for the city of Ozawkie. “You know we had up to 14 inches in this area within the last three weeks.”

Out of three wells in the city, one is shut down, and the other two have bacteria in the water.

To keep the drinking water safe, the city is added extra chlorine to the tap water.

“It is still fairly clear but just has a little bit of a haze to it. So that’s why we say go ahead and boil the water,” said Gibson.

After taking that step, the city says the water is then safe to drink.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Ozawkie. Back in 1993, Perry Lake flooded, and residents say they aren’t taking any chances with this flood.

“We also bought bottled water, and also we went to packaged ice,” said Rick Jensen, a Ozawkie resident.

“It is kind of tough. It is definitely an inconvenience, but we are managing,” said Dan Beavers, a Ozawkie resident.

A local convenience store is almost sold out.

“Hopefully it ends soon because it is getting kind of monotonous,” said Beavers.

If the lake water doesn’t recede soon, Jefferson County Emergency Management says they will step to get drinking water for residents.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says its aware of the problem, but hasn’t done anything about it yet.

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