Rossville races against rain as it recovers from flooding

ROSSVILLE (KSNT) – Racing to recover from flooding last week, Rossville braces for more rain.

The town west of Topeka saw rushing water creep on to Main Street and through backyards when Cross Creek flooded on June 5. Now, six days later, the recovery process is in the beginning stages.

However, a threat of rain in the forecast could stop the effort before it picks up steam.

And that race against the clock is one the town is all too familiar with, according to Rossville Police Chief Jason Connell.

“A good majority of the citizens in our community that have been through this before. We’ve – in my time – we’ve learned from the wise elder folks that have been through this 10 times, 12 times. They gave us guidance,” he said.

That guidance to stay calm, survey which houses would most likely be in the flood zone and how to prepare those residents may be needed again soon.

There is more rain coming to the area. Earlier this week, the National Weather Service and Shawnee County officials were in the town surveying the damage and helping with the clean up.

“Shawnee County came out and we had three big dumpsters full of debris we had to get rid of,” Connell said. And for a town with approximately 1,100 people, that waste adds up.

The weather service helped the town figure out,” how the water moved out (Cross Creek) north of town and how it came into town,” according to Connell.

Even with all the effort, Connell is realistic about the potential for another flood soon, saying people can not stop mother nature.

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