$8.5 million recovered on behalf of Kansas consumers and taxpayers

TOPEKA (KSNT) – There’s more than $8.5 million more dollars in Kansans pockets and the state’s coffers because of efforts by the Attorney General’s Office in 2014. A.G. Derek Schmidt announced today that his office’s Consumer Protection Division reports $8.57 million in “savings and recoveries” to Kansas consumers and the state treasury. The numbers were filed in an annual report today with the governor and the state legislature.

Schmidt is now in his second term in office. However, these numbers reveal that this division recovered a total of $117.8 million during his first four years in office.

“It is a good day when our office can return money to a consumer who has been wronged by a scam or deceptive business practice,” Schmidt said.

The office notes that they secured two convictions of scam artists last year and several other cases are pending. Also, The Roofing Registration Unit completed its first full year. As of December, more than 1,040 contractors were registered in good standing and now provide roofing services in Kansas.

 The Office of the Attorney General also added a new Livestock/Brand Inspection Unit in 2014, in partnership with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. The unit assists local law enforcement in cattle investigations.

The Consumer Protection Division is led by Deputy Attorney General Jim Welch. You can read the full 2014 Consumer Protection Annual Report at http://1.usa.gov/1KeUnHa.

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