Pregnant woman stabbed in stomach, killed

MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Police in Michigan are investigating the murder of a 21-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

The body of Dominique DaShay Oneal was found inside an apartment at Quail Meadows Apartments, located at 771 Quail Court, just before 5 a.m. Wednesday. She was six months pregnant and had been stabbed several times in the stomach.

The victim’s grandmother Gloria Aleuqdah told 24 Hour News 8 that Oneal’s two children, ages 2 years and 8 months, were inside the apartment during the stabbing.

“When you add the element of a pregnant female that certainly weighs on us while we’re doing our work” said Chief Ken Sanford with the Muskegon Township Police Department.

Police said they got a frantic call from Oneal’s boyfriend who said the apartment was covered in blood. Family members have identified Oneal’s boyfriend as 22-year-old Jamari Williams. When officers arrived, Williams directed them inside the apartment where they found Oneal’s body.

“He’s the person who found her, also called 911. He’s also the person that we’ve spent most of the morning talking to just to find out timeline and the victim’s whereabouts,” Sanford said.

Muskegon Township Police Chief Ken Sanford said they believe the murder was a result of a domestic situation. He said there were no signs of forced entry into the home or that the killing was a random act.

Williams is the father to Oneal’s 8-month-old child and unborn baby, according to family members who said they can’t picture him hurting Oneal.

“She said he never hit her. His behavior was sometimes different, she said. It was different. I liked him. He called me quite a bit. He called me ‘mom.’ We talked and I prayed for him. She loved him and she wanted to marry him,” said Danuel German, Oneal’s mother.

“We never saw where he fought her or anything like that so if it happened it would be out the blue. We have no idea who could have done this. None at all. It’s just a shock. She was just a young, beautiful girl. She didn’t bother anybody,” Aleuqdah.

“Knowing Mari, Mari isn’t that type of person and he loved his children and with her carrying his kid, it would never happen. Never,” said Dee Langston, Williams’ cousin.

Police asked neighbors in the area if they heard or saw anything leading up to the murder. One neighbor told police they heard arguing the night before, and Sanford said Williams admitted to police that he had been arguing with Oneal Thursday night.

Kerry Smith lives across from Oneal and was shocked to hear the news.

“Why would you stab a pregnant woman like that? What’s the point? It’s just horrible and kinda scary because it happened right behind us,” said Smith.

Family members said Oneal was in the National Guard and are focusing on the type of person Oneal was to help them cope with the loss.

“She was just sweet. She was giving and loving,” said German.

“She was a wonderful person. She didn’t bother nobody. She didn’t hang with anybody. She went to church, worked, went to reserve and took care of her babies. She was always laughing. I rarely saw her get really angry about anything. She always stayed to her family,” Aleuqdah said.

Family said they will remember their memories with Oneal during this difficult time.

“I was over here yesterday morning and she made me breakfast, her granny. She was arching her eyebrows and cut half her eyebrows off so we was laughing about that. That was my last time seeing her, yesterday morning,” said Aleuqdah.

Williams does not have a violent background, but does have a felony related to drugs, according to Chief Sanford.

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