Retirement community puts twist into volleyball

Residents at Arbor Court retirement community play a game of balloon volleyball.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Arbor Court retirement community in Topeka has played volleyball with its residents for years.

“Here we are, a bunch of old people, and we’re sitting in chairs with a net about three feet off the ground and just having a wonderful time,” resident Shirley Allen said.

It’s not your typical volleyball match. The court is smaller, more players participate and instead of a physical volleyball teams use a balloon.

“If we could have won it would have been better, but there has to be losers too,” resident June Meggison said.

The residents remain active and the level of competition is as high as can be.

“It’s just amazing, all these past 80 people, we’re just having a great time,” Allen said. “We call it exercise.”

The rules are very simple. The match goes until a team reaches 21 points and each side gets three hits.

“You get to meet with all your friends, that sometimes you don’t see, and you have a lot of fun,” resident Pat Williams said. “It’s just great.”


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