Shawnee County Health Agency satisfied with Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act ruling

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Before the Affordable Care Act about 350,000 people were uninsured across Kansas.

But with this victory, 70,000 Kansans who already have insurance through the Affordable Care Act won’t see changes in subsidies. They will keep their insurance as is.

Of those 70,000 Kansas consumers who have health insurance through the ACA, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates those subsidies averaging $231 a month.

“I’m relieved that it has come out this way so just that we can continue to provide medical care to more people,” said Loral Vogt, medical director of the Shawnee County Health Agency.

The Shawnee County Health Agency says Thursday’s decision is good news. Since the beginning of the year, health care navigators have connected about 5,000 people with health insurance.

“It just improves their quality of life hugely. It improves their ability to work and be functioning members of society,” says Vogt.

The state’s Health Reform Resource Project offers education and assistance to thousands in the state about health care. They are praising the higher courts decision.

“We are probably looking at 40 or 45,000 people who are insured today that were not insured previously,” says Sheldon Weisgrau, director of the Health Reform Resource Project.

Thursday’s victory doesn’t complete the state’s challenge to cover all Kansans with health care. Advocates say they have crossed one hurdle, but there’s still more work to do.

“Medicaid expansion is the next big piece of this. There are depending on the estimates you look at 80 to 150,000 people in Kansas who would immediately qualify for the health insurance,” says Weisgrau.


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