William Shatner visits Topeka, Truckhenge

The 84-year-old actor visits Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Captain Kirk took a pit stop in Topeka Thursday morning, but instead of driving a spaceship, he was driving a bike on three wheels.

As part of his cross country trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, actor William Shatner decided to visit Topeka to see what Kansas had to offer.

“We stopped by here to get… color and uniqueness,” Shatner said. “Here’s Kansas in the raw and we’re delighted to be here.”

The place of interest, Truckhenge, an area filled with unique and interesting pieces of artwork located in the Lessman Family Farm.

Owner Ron Lessman was delighted to be contacted by Shatner’s people, and he couldn’t even imagine something like this happening to him.

“If William Shatner smiles while he’s here, that’s good enough for me,” Lessman said.

Shatner’s cross country trip is to help promote the American Legion as well as raise funds for children of fallen veterans through a scholarship.

He’s also assisting a motor company in a documentary showcasing his new customized motorcycle.

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