Kansas shoppers take advantage of low sales tax one last time

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Attention all shoppers: get your wallets ready.

Starting Wednesday, the state sales tax jumps to 6.5 percent.

That means you’ll be paying more for just about everything you buy.

Tuesday several consumers took full advantage of the lower rate 6.15 percent rate for one last time.

The state sales tax may only be going up by three and a half tenths of a percent, but for some shoppers, every last penny matters.

“It makes a difference when you’ve got kids and you have to buy them shoes all the time because they go through them like no other. but saving a little bit of money here and there it adds up no matter what it is,” said Hollie Area, now the owner of a new car.

That philosophy is why car dealerships like this, have seen a recent influx of customers.

“I’ve seen at least two car deals that I know about where people have made that decision based on the increase in the sales tax,” said Gary Bennett, President and General Manager of Laird Noller Ford in Topeka.

“Saving a little bit of money here and there it adds up no matter what it is,” said Area.

On everyday purchases like coffee or groceries the increase may not be that noticeable, but on something like a car that extra little tax can cost you big.

“It was a few hundred dollars,” said Area.

Dealerships say they’ve seen the phenomenon before, “

“We have had several people come in and say they wanted to go ahead and buy before the tax went up,” said Bennett.

When shoppers know that hike is headed their way, they try to plan ahead.

“We were in last week, so we knew if we were going to purchase it, it needed to be by today,” said Area.

Now because of that they get to drive away with a little extra cash in their pockets.

The current sales tax rate will remain in place until close of business Tuesday.

So if you’re looking to buy a big ticket item like an appliance, electronics or a cars you’ll have to act fast.

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