Fort Riley military operations cause damages for some

FORT RILEY (KSNT) — When living in the Flint Hills area, it is almost impossible to not hear or see Fort Riley and the military training. But one family says operations there are actually causing them physical damage; they’ve had enough and they want some answers.

“It’s disappointing is what it is.”

Helicopters from Fort Riley continuously are flying over their home.

“Every time they fly over I can hear my chandelier rattling.”

Joanne Righter is very familiar with the military. Her husband was in the air force for more than 20 years. They lived on multiple posts and bases and never had an issue with the noise and disturbance that surrounds those facilities. But now, after three years in their home near Milford, the helicopters seem to get lower and lower. Then, they shook her home so bad that a prized cuckoo clock fell off the wall and broke. For Joanne, it was the last straw.

“It just scared me, I didn’t know what it was, you know?”

Fort Riley officials say they do try and vary the fight paths and keep to a standard of at least 500 ft. above the ground. They say they’re trying to be good neighbors, but…

“We have to make sure that our pilots are out flying, practicing, making sure they’re ready for whatever contingencies come up around the world,” says Robert Everdeen, Fort Riley Public Affairs.

Officials say if anyone has a complaint about operations out of Fort Riley, or more specifically damage claims, they should contact the Fort Riley public affairs office.

The Righter family is doing that now, but hoping the next chopper won’t result in another claim.

For information on noise regulations and how to file a complaint, click here or call 785-239-3358.

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