Topeka residents want answers after second drive-by shooting

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Hi-Crest neighborhood is seemingly under siege.

In the past three weeks, Topeka Police officers have been called to the south Topeka neighborhood after four gun-related crimes occurred.

One, a drive-by on July 5th, killed 5-year-old Lily Coats-Nichols.

Now, investigators are looking into another drive-by.

“I heard eight shots ring out about three blocks south of here. And then there was about a 10 second pause and another eight shots,” resident John Miglionico said Friday.

Miglionico said he was taking out his trash when he heard the gun shots from three blocks away. And after hearing the shots ring out last week, Miglioncio said he had to call police.


“It puts all of us on edge.”

But now, neighbors are afraid for their safety and their families.


Karen Razo was standing on the sidewalk near the house where the victim was found this morning, speaking with a woman who works in the area.

Razo hadn’t heard about the shooting until hours later. She rushed to tell her husband, wondering if she should change her weekend plans.

“I’m kind of scared now – bringing my grand kids over here. I was going to have them spend the night here and I’m really frightened now. I’m really, really scared,” she said.

Residents want more from police.

“We have a lack of law enforcement presence out here even in the midst of all what’s going on lately,” Miglionico said standing on his front porch, overlooking the intersection of the last deadly drive-by.

But police say they’re doing all they can to solve the crimes quickly.

“So what we’re looking at is we’re trying to make a massive amount of impact into the area and we’re going to be looking at every avenue that we can do to deter any further incidents,” Maj. Darin Scott said.

In order to make arrests, Scott said the department is looking toward residents for help.

“We’re working through this,” he said. “Hopefully we will get help from the public. Just be good witnesses – don’t intervene – just be good witnesses.”

The police department is asking anyone with information about any of the crimes to call (785) 368-9200.


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