Topeka city leaders say capital city is safe despite recent shootings

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The recent string of shootings in the Hi-Crest neighborhood in Topeka is leaving many citizens feeling unsafe.

City’s top leaders are now stepping in, and they want this violence to stop.

“Get these people off the street, and make [the community] feel safe again,” says council-woman Sylvia Ortiz.

And safe is what many living in Topeka’s Hi-Crest neighborhood don’t feel.

“People should not be afraid to live over here,” Ortiz says.

Some, if not most of the violence is in council-woman Ortiz’s district. Since the start of the July shootings her phone has been ringing none stop.

“I’ve had a lot of phone calls, and [constituents] want to know if the shootings are random. That’s a big concern, if they are random and they’re not,” says Ortiz.

In the last two weeks there’s been about six shootings or incidents reported in the Hi-Crest neighborhood.

According to Topeka police gangs and drugs are at the center of these shootings. Police believe it is individuals retaliating against one another.

Despite the recent crime, city officials say residents should not live in fear.

“I still feel that Topeka is safe. It is a good city, a good community and we will get on top of this,” said Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast.

By starters, local law enforcement is increasing officers’ patrols in the area.

“This is a situation that is occurring here right now, but it will not continue and we will not let it continue,” says Wolgast.

City officials are confident life will go ‘back to normal’ for these Hi-Crest residents soon.

The Topeka police department is making progress to solve some of these cases but they still need your help.

If you’ve seen anything or have heard anything call Crime Stoppers. (785) 234-0007

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