Manhattan parking violators are in for a surprise

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – For those residents who live in Manhattan and get parking tickets, their wallets are in for a surprise. After nearly a decade the city of Manhattan has approved increasing parking tickets. The fine will triple from its current $5 to $15. The hike applies to designated 2 and 3 hour parking slots and lots. Contrary to what many may think, the city says it’s not implementing the hike to raise money.

Deputy City Manager, Jason Hilgers says “it’s to help turn those stalls over, a lot of businesses rely on those stalls to turnover.”

Hilger also says with Kansas State University campus being close to Aggieville and many businesses surrounding both the downtown and Aggieville areas, a $5 fine for “students and faculty that may choose to park in that zone or that area and receive the fine and not think much of it.”

If a resident does get a ticket in Aggieville or in the downtown area they can pay the ticket right there on the spot, by using these red boxes places on the time limit signs. It allows residents to avoid the hassle of a late fee but simply dropping both the ticket and payment in it.

The increased fines will begin August 1st.


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