K-State construction impacts more than just students

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – For those who live Manhattan and want to get from one side of town to another, it is almost impossible for you to not run into construction and delays. Kansas State University plays a large part in that construction, as they work on their “K-State 2025″ plan.

K-State Associate Vice President of Facilities, Ryan Swanson says, “It’s new buildings going in now, it’s renovations for existing buildings, it’s being able to bring existing localized chillers back onto the main system.”

16 projects with nearly $700 million worth of improvements over the next five years. A new football complex, business building, engineering building, a welcome center and much more.

But traffic is a mess, not just because of erecting buildings. Streets are torn up as a cooling system is installed to serve those new buildings.

Swanson says, “There are construction sites that are isolated, but the majority of the traffic re-routing on campus is due to the chilled water project.”

For those living in Manhattan, the promise is a little inconvenience now pays off big time down the road.

“There’s gonna be more folks that do more shopping and using more services in town,” says Ron Fehr, Manhattan City Manager, “And we’ve kinda seen that, you know, our downtown redevelopment growth has really blossomed,”

Manhattan Mayor Karen McCulloh says, “The amount of building that is going on there is exciting, the impact on the city of course is things like roads and parking parking parking.”

The majority of the projects will be completed next year, although the cooling system won’t be completed until 2017.

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