Walking Dead’s featured walker coming to Topeka

TopCon is excited to announce that actor Mike Mundy from the number one show on television, “THE WALKING DEAD” will be a featured guest at TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015.

Fans of AMC’s “THE WALKING DEAD” will recognize him from the season 2 finale; he was the last zombie shot by Andrea. Mike was also in the memoriam on ‘The Talking Dead’ as “Later Walker”. He also was in the season 3 opening (one of the most memorable openings in the history of the show), he was the eyeball and the body behind it. Mike said “I wasn’t expecting all that! I knew it was going to be cool, but certainly wasn’t prepared for all of that.”

“Cool” is what TopCon Creator and Executive Director, The GYPSY, is sure that fans of “THE WALKING DEAD” will find Mike Mundy to be. “We heard that Mike was available to come to TopCon and upon doing a little research discovered that he was the last Walker killed in Season Two and the first Walker killed in Season Three. Just the fact that he is a Featured Walker was cool enough but a featured Walker with creadintials; well we couldn’t pass that by?!”

Yet “THE WALKING DEAD” is not the only film credit the Atlanta, Georgia native has to his credit. He has appeared in the movie “FLIGHT” with Denzel Washington as well as “42′ THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY”. Mike has also appeared with Jewel in “RING OF FIRE – THE JUNE CARTER CASH STORY and Kate Hudson in “THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST”

Mike jokes that he acts whenever he can but the truth is that he is being recognized more and more for his talent and as his acting resume grows so to does his fan base and Mike appreciates his fans. He finds the Cons to be “Cool”. Mike says, “I am pretty much game for the conventions and what not. I have friends who travel and do that sort of thing.” Mike is an open and gracious actor who fans seem to take an instant liking to. He speaks highly of the other actors, directors and producers he works with.

When asked who he thought the coolest actor on “THE WALKING DEAD” is he stated, “The coolest actor, hmm- I would have to say, in all honesty, all of them–they are all super-cool, treat you like family. That is the big theme on that set, and it’s my favorite set ever! Great crews and they have it so dialed in; it speaks volumes about the people involved, in my opinion!”

Mike will also hasten to tell you that he is not just an actor on TWD but also a fan, “I was and still am a fan! That makes it a little weird, but a good weird.”

Mike will be available for Fan Autographs and Photo’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 18, 19 & 20 at TopCon at the Ramada Topeka Downtown 420 SE 6th Street, Topeka, Kansas. Mike is also one of the guests at the Over 21 VIP Party which is only available to Pre-Registered Guests of TOPCON GEEK EXPO 2015.

Tickets for TOPCON are available by going to http://www.TopCon.us/tickets or by visiting http://www.eventbrite.com/e/topcon-geek-expo-2015-tickets-15826028076


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