Burlingame woman finds kitten in engine of pick-up truck

BURLINGAME (KSNT) – A Burlingame woman had quite a shock while she was working on a pick-up truck last week.

A kitten popped out of the truck after Shanda Dorsey removed a piece of the engine. She says the car had been towed from Holton where it had broken down and the 10-week old kitten made the 55-mile trip last week.

“I was talking to him on the phone and I dusted off the valve cover and she popped out.”

“That is not normal behavior, said Deb Skaggs of the Helping Hands Humae Society. We see that a lot in the winter. But I imagine that it was lost or stray and just looking for cover and somewhere secure.”

The kitten did fracture her hip and is being kept at the Burlingame Animal Hospital.

Dorsey says she can’t keep the kitten. Doctors said the kitten will be up for adoption.

The Helping Hands Humane Society says they have seen an increase in stray cats coming into the shelter. Currently they have more than 200 cats in their care.


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