Brownback takes stance on Trump

Brownback was asked, "Can you see a scenario where you would support Donald Trump?"

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Hot-button topics were covered at Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s second press conference in 2015, especially education and abortion. However, it was just a matter of time before one hot-button candidate would make his way into it all.

At the end of the press conference, KSNT News reporter Gwen Baumgardner asked Brownback what his opinion was on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and whether he thought the controversial billionaire was “ruining the Republican image.”

“Oh, gosh,” Brownback said looking down as the podium. After a short pause, he continued: “You know, it’s a fabulous, wide open field. And he certainly adds. But, what you got taking place is a big discussion with a lot of people that — certainly on the Republican side — are not satisfied with the direction of the country, not happy. And see, 16 people, I think, now running for president. 16 declared candidates, and maybe there’ll be one or two more coming out. But people say, ‘Well, I wanna have a piece of that discussion,’ and that’s what he’s doing. And I got a piece of that discussion.”

Baumgardner asked, “Can you see a scenario where you would support Donald Trump?”

Brownback said, “That’s, that’d be, that’d be difficult to happen. But, you know, it’s a good robust discussion that’s taking place now. And in light of, gosh, you got things in Chattanooga, you got the Iran agreement so many people are dissatisfied with. You’re gonna hear a lot of robust discussion going on from Donald Trump, or whoever else is in the field, for some period of time. He seems to attract a lot more media attention than most in the field, and the others would love to have that kind of media attention if they could get it.”

Brownback then concluded his press conference.

KSNT News has coverage of Brownback’s statements on education and abortion. You can find those above in Related Coverage.

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