False alarm sends JC residents scrambling for cover

Geary County tornado siren goes off after being struck by lightning, July 24, 2015.

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – It was a morning of false alarms for residents in Geary County when tornado sirens went off in the early hours this morning, but there was no actual tornado warning.

“Sirens were going off and stuff and I was like ‘oh man there gonna be like a tornado coming,” says Junction City resident Skyler Lee, “it was like I’ve never seen a tornado come through so I don’t know what’s gonna happen?”

For 6 year old Jayedin Huckabey, he and his family went to a safe spot in their home, “we went down to our man cave and we got in the bathroom and we shut the door.”

They weren’t sure what to expect, because there hadn’t been even a hint of severe weather when most went to bed.

“I was crying that I do not want to die cause I thought it was a tornado,” says Huckabey.

But. the siren was a false alarm, why?

“Probably struck by lightning” says Garry Berges the county’s Emergency Management Director who spent the morning answering a lot of angry phone calls.

“Sirens are outdoor warning sirens so if they’re outdoors of course their going to hear them,” says Berges. “If they are indoors they’re not that’s why we stress more than one way of being alerted.”

And that includes using weather radios, downloading weather apps like the KSNT Storm Tracker app and turning on your television for additional information.

Don’t just depend on a siren.

And a heads up, Geary County will be testing their sirens Monday.

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