Gov. Brownback defends call for inspection of state abortion facilities

TOPEKA (KSNT) — For just the second time this year, Governor Sam Brownback opened his administration up to questions from the media, and there were a lot of them.

Friday afternoon he talked about finding money for public education and keeping teachers from fleeing the state, security for National Guard recruiters, and specifically addressed abortion.

The governor is defending his call for strict enforcement of state laws when it comes to the use of tissue and organs from aborted fetuses.

He characterizes it as a “barbaric” practice, and believes most Kansans see what is discussed in those videos as wrong.

“They are graphic, they are detailed, they are statements by credible sources from Planned Parenthood identifying a practice that in this state is illegal and I would say in Human kind is barbaric,” said Gov. Brownback.

That’s why the governor isn’t backing off his request that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which he appointed, inspect all state abortion facilities.

“Calls for an investigation are about political grand-standing, not facts. This is yet another orchestrated attempt to restrict access to safe legal abortion in Kansas,” said Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri in an official statement.

Governor Brownback says there are no political motives behind his action.

Despite the push back from Planned Parenthood, and questions about the legitimacy of the undercover video, he feels it morally imperative to ensure none of the alleged practices in the video are taking place in Kansas.

“You have to work in an ethical fashion and that involves not destroying a human,” said Brownback.

The Board of Healing Arts says it will proceed with the Governor’s request for inspections.

Their investigation will remain completely confidential unless a violation is discovered at one of the licensed Kansas facilities.

Also Friday afternoon, the Governor said he’s still reviewing whether to change security policies at National Guard recruiting centers in the wake of the Chattanooga shootings last Thursday.

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