Grease fire causes $13,000 in damages

TOPEKA (KSNT) — On Friday just before 7:48 p.m., the Topeka Fire Department responded to a 911 call on a house fire at 2220 SE Virginia Ave.

The fire ended up causing $10,000 in structural damages and $3,000 in content losses.

One of the two adults in the house was cooking on a stove when a grease fire broke out. They tried to put it out with the assistance of a neighbor, but the smoke and fire became so intense they had to leave the house.

The first unit to arrive on the scene said they could see smoke from the street, but the fire was contained to the kitchen and was quickly extinguished with a fire hose.

Crews made sure no one else was left in the house and then performed ventilation to remove the toxic smoke and gases the fire created. The Red Cross assisted two adults and three children.

The fire has been determined to be accidental and caused by “unattended cooking.”

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