Manhattan community comes together in more than one way

MANHATTAN (KSNT) — Hundreds of people filled the Douglas Center Annex today as members of the Manhattan community came out to the Everybody Counts event held to help those in need. The event is in response to last year’s USD 383 board of education report. It concluded that more than 250 students admitted to experiencing homelessness.

“It’s really nice because some people don’t have this option and luckily the community gets together and does things like this for people who need help and that’s what we’re doing here,” says Daniel Silva, who attended the event.

The Everybody Counts event is meant not only to bring the community together, but to let them know about the resources that are there to help. Nearly 40 community social service agencies and community based organizations set up booths to share information about their services. Health professionals were also available to provide basic medical, dental and mental health screenings at no cost.

Debbie Nuss, the Everybody Counts Committee Chair, says Manhattan has “a high poverty rate.” She says, “We have people that their needs aren’t being met in a lot of ways and so this is a way for us to all come together as a community to help each other.”

Free food, clothes and a community meal were available for all. Officials say this is just the beginning of many events to come to meet the needs of families in the community.

This was the fourth Everybody Counts event. If you want to learn more about the organization you can follow this link:

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