Keeping Heartland Park Topeka alive

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Racecars have been burning fuel at Heartland Park Topeka all weekend long and right now its future is looking up. But, will the track be driving enough fans to keep it alive?

“I came out here a lot with my dad growing up,” says racecar fan Jared Hundley. “They need to keep it.”

Heartland Park had been at the center of a tug-of-war over ownership of the track. Just recently, Corefirst Bank & Trust said they’re the legal owner and were taking a step to keeping the track open.

“We’ve been on edge; I think everyone has been all year,” says NHRA Director Rob Park. “It’s a very large facility in the Midwest, encompasses a huge geographic region. There’s hundreds and hundreds of racers from this area that we need to keep racing and Heartland Park is a very vital part of that.”

But despite all of the controversy surrounding the park, fans and drivers are still hopeful.

“It sounds pretty promising with people buying it and getting it back going again and that would be excellent for the whole country for motor sports,” says racer Tom Schmidt.

The past two races this week have brought 570 participants for each race so far, and according to Rob Park, that’s a fairly large number for the 24-year-old track.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” he says.

So what now for Heartland? For now, racing as usual.

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