1,200 USD 383 students getting ‘driver roulette’ on school buses

MANHATTAN-OGDEN (KSNT) – If you’re a parent with a child in the Manhattan-Ogden School District, you might be surprised at who is driving your child’s school bus.

“Our mechanics, the discipline coordinator, the dispatcher, the routing specialist, even the administrative assistant,” says Doug Messer the USD 383 Transportation Director.

The district is short 15 drivers and to keep the buses moving other staff have had to fill the seats. 

Jay Hartman has worked for USD 383 for 15 years. He started as a driver, then became a mechanic and now, he’s doing both.

“We come in, drive, than mid-day we work on the buses and in the afternoon about two-thirty we go on the second take home routes,”  says Hartman.

Without people like jay some 1,200 students wouldn’t have a way to get to and from school. 

Even then Messer says the district is scrambling, “Sometimes we have to combine some routes and that’s all done at last minutes notice, we have to notify schools and do what we can.”

Officials aren’t sure why they are so short staffed, especially with a new program which gives drivers benefits.

“Get more drivers that way we can spend more time in the shop makin’ sure their good and safe,” says Hartman.

Transportation officials say until their able to fill the bus driving positions, their current staff will have to continue to work both jobs. The district says it will consider anyone willing to apply, for more information click here or here.


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