Topeka police update crackdown in Hi-Crest neighborhood

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Police Department updated the community on the progress it’s making in an enhanced crackdown on crime in the city’s troubled Hi-Crest neighborhood.

The crackdown follows a deadly July during which two people were shot and killed, including a 5-year old girl shot during a drive-by shooting.

Following three weeks of violence which resulted in 6 shootings, including the two fatal ones, Police Chief James Brown attributed the violence to narcotics and gang activity and announced the increased patrols while at the same time asking for help from county, state and federal law enforcement.

The department released some of the results of that crackdown Thursday, August 20th on the department’s Facebook page. You can see complete results here:

TPD Stats

The most significant number is a total of 2,539 man-hours spent by officers patrolling the neighborhood from July 18th through August 5th, a three week period.

Another significant number was that of “Self Initiated Activity”, where officers initiated an event based on what they were seeing, rather than waiting to be dispatched to a call. That was 1,694 instances of officers seeing something or contacting residents about something they saw while on patrol.

Officers made 744 traffic stops, issued 366 tickets and another 614 warnings and they made 82 arrests.

Of those arrested, three were charged with federal firearms charges stemming from the death of 45 year old Antwon J. Love who was found lying in a street and later died at a local hospital. US Attorney for Kansas Barry Gissom brought the charges because of the enhanced sentences federal charges can bring.

Antwon J. Love
Antwon J. Love


There has still been no arrests in the shooting of 5 year old Lily Coats-Nichols, the shooting which lead off the outbreak of violence. She was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting while sitting in her mother’s car the night of July 20th. The child suffered significant brain damage in the shooting and was kept on life support until July 24th when her organs were donated to other children.

5 year old Lily Coats-Nichols, shot July 20, 2015.
5 year old Lily Coats-Nichols, shot July 20, 2015.


Brown has not said how long the extra police presence will continue in the Hi-Crest neighborhood.

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