City of Holton hopes road work brings new economic growth to Industrial Park

HOLTON (KSNT) – Road construction is underway in Holton’s Industrial Park, and city officials say there is no better time than now to entice new businesses to the area.

“It started out primarily we needed to address the street maintenance issue out there, and turned into a street improvement project,” says Bret Bauer, Holton City Manager.

The city has dumped a little over $910,000 to fix the roads and sewage system in hopes of making a long-term profit. Bringing in new businesses, and new jobs.

“Currently we want to ride the wave of success that we are having with improvements,” says Holton Commissioner Erich Campbell. “Along with improvements we would also like to see growth.”

There isn’t much in this ghost part of town, just a vet clinic and a few lumber yards.

The city is hoping once the road work is completed, other businesses will show interest in the Industrial Park, and will want to build on the four available lots.

Donald Sunday is the owner of Heartland Veterinary Clinic located inside the Industrial Park. He hopes the new curb appeal is just the start of even more improvements.

“We would really like the city, and the state to add in a turning lane and widening the highway from a safety perspective,” says Sunday.

City officials say in order to add growth you have to broaden you tax base. More companies setting up shop, and paying taxes is good for homeowners. It helps keep residential property taxes, which haven’t been raised in five years down.

An economic development plan, and street improvements hoping to lure new businesses here.

Bauer says the city hopes to have the road work finished by the end of this fall.

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