DMV delays could affect Shawnee County again

TOPEKA (KSNT) – For the last two Fridays, Larry Mah, the Shawnee County Treasurer has heard from some unhappy people.

Hundreds of people were turned away on Aug. 21 after a system slowdown. A slowdown so big, it prompted Mah to warn the Shawnee County Commissioners that this Friday could be “total chaos.”

“By 2 or 2:30 we had to start turning the customers away because we’re so far behind and transactions are going so slow that it’s obvious we can serve people,” Mah said about Aug. 21.

However, over the last week Mah said he has worked with technical staff on the county and state level to figure out the issue.

The office needed more bandwidth to process all the requests.

And August, is the busiest month. At the end, Mah said almost 16,000 residents will apply for new license tabs and registration.

But Mah said, he won’t know if the expanded bandwidth will help until the busiest part of Friday which Mah says is usually around noon.

Friday is the last day that residents can go into the office to renew and Mah is encouraging people to go online. He said that will cut down on the wait time and residents who do, will get proof while they wait for their stickers in the mail.

According to Mah, legislation passed this year allows residents to keep the receipt for 10 days to show they have new registration on the way.

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