Manhattan looking for a few good students

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Starting college can be very exciting but also overwhelming. Trying to balance college life and paying for classes, food, books isn’t easy. Especially for those having to do it for the first time.

“A little scary at first, definitely money is a big struggle,” says Trace Campbell a KSU freshman.

George Bury is also a KSU freshman, who came all the way from Chicago, “It’s weird not having my parents around to just like give me some money, so I gotta get a job, make money earn money and use it for responsible things.”

Which is why the City of Manhattan sent out this tweet:


Urging students to ask about city jobs that range from recreation programs, to the zoo, to the flint hills discovery center

“Opportunities for students to earn extra money, have some good life experiences and then it also supports our ability to offer all these programs and services,” says Larry Hackney in Human Resources for City of Manhattan.

The jobs also offer more than money, they’re also away to help with further a student’s education.

Angie Sutton with Manhattan Parks & Recreation says that, “maybe dance is their major and their looking for some experience to go ahead and put on their resume and so we hire different types of dance instructors.”

And because many are part-time jobs, they fit easily into many students’ class schedules. Officials say that these seasonal jobs aren’t just for student, there for anyone wanting a part time job. For more information on the jobs the City is offering CLICK HERE.

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