Forget the calendar, Fall starts today

Every time you read a calendar, you see the “official” first day of Fall as September 23rd. However, the weather doesn’t quite line up with the start/end dates of the Astronomical Seasons. In fact, we define seasons a little differently in weather. Meteorological Seasons are:

  • Winter: December – February
  • Spring: March – May
  • Summer: June – August
  • Fall: September – November

July Weather

It’s a simple 3-month division of the seasons we use for record-keeping. So when we say that our summer precipitation was 5.19″ above average, that is for the 3 months of June, July & August. Now that we can meteorologically close the book on Summer, it’s now the unofficial kick-off of Fall.

Now, there will always be those who argue that the calendar makes it official and that Fall starts when the Sun is directly overhead the Equator on the Autumnal Equinox. Unfortunately, for those of us who love Fall, that means it’s still three weeks away. I say, let’s go with September 1st and enjoy the Fall. Now, we just wait on the first good cold front of the season!

— Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller


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