Police: Infant among 3 people fatally shot in Kansas City home

This home in southeast Kansas City was a crime scene where three people, including an infant, were found fatally shot in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015. Capt. Tye Grant says a family member returned home and discovered the bodies of a man, woman and infant the night before. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A man, a woman and an infant were found fatally shot at a Kansas City home and the deaths are being investigated as homicides, police said Wednesday.

Capt. Tye Grant said a family member returned home late Tuesday and discovered the bodies. The victims’ names have not been released, and police said there had been no arrests.

The shootings occurred on a dead-end road in an area filled with one-story homes, apartment complexes, wooded lots and a large cemetery. Police had the entrance to the roadway blocked at midmorning but were gone before noon.

Rodney Long, 49, lives two houses down from where the shootings occurred and said a father lived there with an adult daughter and teenage son. He’d often wave to them in passing, and said they were always friendly.

“They were real quiet people,” he said. “They were just a nice family from what I knew of them.”

He said he didn’t hear any noise Tuesday night but was visiting a neighbor when he saw two vehicles turn around where the road ends in front of his neighbor’s house.

“I thought, that’s real odd,” he said. “Like I said, we don’t have traffic.” Not long afterward, he said, police were “wall to wall.”

The deaths would bring the number of homicides in Kansas City this year to 63, with seven of those victims under the age of 16, according to police statistics.

Edith Fine-Duskin, 48, said she was on the porch of her home near the end of the road where the shootings occurred when she heard three gunshots late Tuesday. But she said the sound isn’t unusual for the area, and she no longer feels safe in the home where she’s lived most of her life.

“We have a lot of gunshots over here at the apartments,” she said, gesturing to a complex across the street. “The cops are here all the time. … But this is right behind me.”

About a block away, Patrick Cochran, 59, said the neighborhood is very quiet and has more deer and wildlife than any real problems.

“The only kind of bangs we hear is the 4th of July and that’s over at the apartments across the road.”


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