Tennessee barber shop owners save customer’s life


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – For almost 30 years, Larry Lambert has been going to Odoms Barber Shop in Murfreesboro.

“He gets his barber work on Tuesday and Friday, but he comes in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday. He comes in and he hangs out on the square all day long,” said Barbie Rollyson.

Sisters Barbie Rollyson and Shirley Radford own the barber shop.

Over the years, Larry Lambert has become like family to them.

“People think we are his daughters over at the nursing home. ‘Here comes your daughters Mr. Lambert.’ I just let him go on and think it,” said Radford.

Last week when he didn’t show up for an appointment they worried.

“It was on a Tuesday, he had not come in and I am like, something is not right. So I was telling my sister, where is Larry? Because like clockwork, he scuffs down that sidewalk and we can hear him scuffing his feet,” said Rollyson.

They called Lambert’s house and when he didn’t answer the phone, Radford and her husband went to check things out.

“I looked in the door, there was a crack. I could see through the window. He was lying on the floor and I said Larry, get up. Unlock this door and he says I can’t get up,” said Shirley Radford.

They broke into the home and called an ambulance.

Larry had been lying on the floor for about four days.

“We just knew he fell, went unconscious, hit a table, broke the table was unable to reach the phone so therefore when we would ring he could not answer the phone,” said Radford.

Doctors say Larry is alive today because of these sisters.

“They saved my life, they good ladies. I feel better. I get a little bit better every day,” said Lambert.

Lambert doesn’t have any living family members so he is grateful to know he has such special friends looking out for him every day.

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