The 10 Most Stressed Out Places In Kansas

(Harrison Drake/KSNT)

TOPEKA (KSNT) — We all get a little stress in our lives now and again, but have you ever heard of a city being stressed?

A study done by sized up 90 Kansas towns for stress. According to the study, Junction City comes in at number 10.

That’s because of the city’s higher than average 7.7 percent unemployment rate. The report also attributes the fact that 13.25 percent are without health insurance.

These statistics are surprising according to Richard Burnett, a social worker with the Family Care Center in Junction City.

“Well, I believe at one time Junction City was a stressful town when I first came here in 1993,” he says. “There were killings, there were gangs, lots of drugs, but we have a wonderful police department and a lot of good soldiers who are living in town and the town is a pretty quiet town now.

You can see the list of cities included on the list by clicking here.

Eudora is number 5.

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