Manhattan, a great place to look for a job

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The City of Manhattan is a place that more and more people want to live. A big reason for this trend is easy access to employment.

The City of Manhattan Director of Human Resources, Cathy Harmes, says, “When you look at us in Kansas we have really been beneficial in the last decade of growth that we have experienced and we can say that we have not had the down turns other communities had economically.”

The US Bureau of Labor says Manhattans unemployment rate is lower than the national average, which stands at 5.6%.

“With just living in the community, with the university, there’s just a lot to offer, very dynamic community,” says Harmes.

But for businesses in Manhattan, the unemployment rate being low isn’t a good thing. Yes, it means people are working, but…

“Manhattan is growing and in order to continue that growth we need more people to fill all of the new openings,” says Jo Brunner, Manhattan Work Force Service Supervisor.

For businesses like Florence Manufacturing Company it’s challenge. They only get one applicant for every four openings they have. There are different types of training being provided for all the openings.

“They don’t have to have that experience but we still don’t have people who are coming and taking those jobs,” says Brunner

She thinks the best way to solve this issue is to have a big marketing campaign to let people know of all the opening there are. Some of the other cities who also fell under the unadjusted national average of five point six percent were Kansas City, Springfield and Lawrence.

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