Colorado woman hopes to inspire others by writing about her chronic illness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Twenty-three-year-old Kristen Fox can’t eat.

“Once it hits my stomach, I’ll be fine maybe like five to 10 minutes and then I’ll start feeling a lot of cramping and pain and nausea, and it just continues to worsen and worsen until I end up vomiting,” Fox said.

At five foot three and 88 pounds, Fox can’t put on as much weight as she’d like.

“I have gastroparesis with dysmotility of the intestinal tract and hyperalgesia,” said Fox.

It’s a chronic disease she’s suffered from since birth and it’s causing her digestive system to shut down.

For a while, she says doctors assumed she had an eating disorder and couldn’t give her a diagnoses until 2011.

“At one point, I tried to convince myself I had an eating disorder, because I thought maybe if I could change my thinking pattern then I would be better,” said Fox.

Fox has to eat from an IV connected to tubes coming out of her own body, but she’s still counting the positives.

“I have my central port and there’s a needle in it. But every week I get the needle removed in the morning, and so for 12 hours I don’t have a needle in my chest, “said Fox.

Fox has written about her experiences and hopes to inspire people to continue to fight through their own struggles in life.

“If they keep fighting, they might experience things they never would have experienced if they’d given up. And it doesn’t matter if you’re fighting a spiritual, emotional, physical or psychological battle. They’re all battles in your life,” Fox said.

Fox says there is no known cure for her chronic illness, but still remains positive.

If you’d like to learn more about the books Fox has written about her disease, clickhere.

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