Vietnam veteran still looking for answers from Kansas VA after admitting to smoking pot

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Last week KSNT News told you about a Vietnam veteran who was denied his pain medication because he admitted to the VA hospital in Topeka that he has used marijuana for emotional and physical pain relief for decades.

Since our initial report we’ve heard from angry vets, and concerned Kansans about Gary Dixon’s situation.

“What happened to me, it’s just me. But it is going to happen to a lot of guys,” says Dixon.

Dixon is a disabled veteran who served as a nurse in Vietnam. He is dying of lung cancer he says after being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

A week ago Dixon contacted KSNT News when he was denied pain medication after admitting to a VA doctor that he smokes marijuana for the pain, violating a change in VA policy.

He’s still not received any medication, despite wide-spread interest in his case after our first report.

“I even called for a refill on my other medication. I haven’t heard anything about them.”

He’s refused offers to help pay for his medication, saying his story is part of a bigger problem at the VA.

“The last doctor we saw about my chest pains, I got in there and he says, ‘What can I do for you?’ had no idea I even had cancer. I’d been in there 30-minutes.”

Since our initial report on KSNT, Dixon says he’s received phone calls from supports and US congressmen. He just hopes that those representing the state in Washington, D.C can help him fight this cause.

Representative Lynn Jenkins told KSNT News, “The men and women who have sacrificed defending our nation deserve the highest quality care. Meeting their needs is a priority of mine.”

Monday Dixon heard from Senator Jerry Moran whose staff is looking into Dixon’s situation.

“Guys, girls, women, all of you that have fought don’t be afraid. Get together and stop this. Take back the VA for us.”


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