Washburn Rural High School student has MRSA

TOPEKA (KSNT)- Over the weekend Washburn Rural High Schools principal was informed that one of his students might have MRSA.

“Since then we’ve learned that it was a confirmed case,” Kyle Reed, Associate Principal Washburn Rural High School

The high school’s principal, Ed Raines, immediately sent out an email address the student had used the schools weight room and locker rooms late last week. In the email he states that those areas would be thoroughly disinfected. But the only people who received the email were staff and parents of children who attend P.E. classes at the school.

“Because I don’t think there was a need to be alarmed, I think there was a need to be informed. And so that’s what we tried to do, inform the folks that in this sense were affected,” Reed said.

That doesn’t make sense to one student that agreed to talk to us over the phone, but wished not to be identified. When we asked if his mom or dad received the email, he replies, “No, mam.”

The anonymous student was so frustrated with the schools response, he reached out to the station to voice his concern, “mainly because administration think well it’s a big deal and they don’t really want to cause panic.” “Or the fact that they don’t want to tell parents because they’re afraid that they’re going to pull them from school and it’s going to leave the school empty.”

The reason for the panic, MRSA is not an infection to mess around with, “It’s highly contagious, so if you have an open lesion, open wound, yes you will transmit it,” Doctor, Jo-Ann Harris a Pediatric Infectious Disease consultant in Topeka said.

According to Harris, most of the time the infection appears as boils on the skin and can be easily spread through skin to skin contact.

When we asked the concerned student if it worries him he might run into somebody who is infection with the bacteria, and just doesn’t know it yet, he replied, Yes, very much so.”

The schools says the student who is infected with the bacteria is not attending school. As for where the student got the infection, “We’ve been told that it’s impossible to know,” Reed said.

The student we talked to, just hopes his school will learn from this, “If this incident happens again they should immediately notify parents and students what’s happening and take care of it, instead of just brushing it underneath the carpet.”

In the meantime if you are a Washburn Rural High School student, or if your child is, the doctor recommends they be cognizant of their bodies, and watch for new bumps they may be develop.


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