Family speaks after Fort Riley shooting

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – The family of a teen who was shot and killed last week on Fort Riley is speaking out today.

“He used to just come from the bus and smile, and we miss that about him.”

For Kenyon Givens’ friends, he was knows as the life of the party, the jokester and…

“He was always the person that would be like, ‘Move on and look past the people who always trying to bully or whatever,'” says Demone White one of Kenyons friends.

To his mother Nicolya Jones he was, “Honest, joyful, silly.”

But that high spirited, young basketball player’s life was cut short on September 11. Investigators believe was an accidental shooting. The shooter, 18-year-old Juwan D. Jackson, is being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Jones says, “Loaded or unloaded, a gun is not a toy, it’s not something that anybody’s child should be playing with.”

Jones says that she and her family have known Jackson and his family for a long time. “I still love that young man, and I know he’s probably confused, but I need him to understand that I still love him,” she said.

And Jones says the idea that her son’s death was anything but an accident is something that, “no one can come tell me today that he purposely shot my son and I’d believe it, I won’t… I can’t.”

Jackson is scheduled to appear in federal court on September 24 for a preliminary hearing and, if found guilty, he could serve up to eight years in federal prison.

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