Free concert kicks off ‘OZtoberFest’

Take the vocal harmonies of the Beatles, the straight on rock of Blondie and the Pretenders, throw in something with a funky beat and dash of soulful R and B, and Voila! 1000 Clams!

The OZ Museum is hosting a free concert at the Columbian Theatre on Sept. 25, at 8:30 p.m. to kick-off the weekend full of OZtoberFest activities. With years of music and entertainment experience, 1000 Clams will keep this party rocking all night long, with songs like “One Way or Another” and “All I’ve Got to Do”.

Drawing from rock and roll’s colorful past, the Clams cover the board from Concrete Blonde to The Mavericks, Lou Reed to Sam Cooke, and the Beatles and ‘B’ sides.

“This concert is going to be a great way to welcome everyone downtown for a few drinks and a ton of entertainment before Saturday’s festivities begin,” said OZ Museum manager, Kimberly Shepherd.

1000 Clams band members came from all over the country, yet somehow ended up together, making music and having some “serious fun” according to vocalist, Larry Costlow.

“This was going to be just a party band – a couple of down and dirty rehearsals and let ‘er rip,” said bass player, Rod Mikinski. “The party got rained out, but we had such a good time rehearsing that we decided to see how far the fun could go.”

For more information about the free 1000 Clams concert, contact the Columbian Theatre Box Office at 785.456.2029.

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