Fort Riley family has unique link to 9/11

FORT RILEY (KSNT) — A Fort Riley family is officially out of excuses when it comes to forgetting their children’s birthdays because they just welcomed their second son on the same day as their first son. Coincidence? We’ll let you be the judge.

There are 365 days in a year and yet two brothers now share more than just genetics.

“My son just kept telling me, ‘Mommy, have Samuel on my birthday,’ and he listened,” said mom Amanda Mills.

He might have listened too well.

“He just decided to come. We were trying to get out the door and he just said, ‘Nope, you’re going to stay here.'”

On the step in front of their home on the Fort Riley Military Installation, the Mills family welcomed their second baby boy to an audience.

“Two firetrucks, I want to say, an ambulance, obviously, and all that. They came out clapping. It was a good time,” said Dad Franklen Mills

As they were celebrating, across the U.S. people were mourning… remembering.

Kyle and Samuel share a birthday: The same day of the deadliest terrorist attack in American history.

“I think of it as something to be proud of, to be born on that day in a military family,” said Franklen

Just when the family thought their story couldn’t get any more interesting, a paramedic who responded to their home the morning Samuel was born visited them in the hospital to share one more coincidence.

“911 dispatch picked up our call at 9:11,” said Amanda.

They don’t know why there’s this unusual link; the family blames it on fate.

They are grateful their sons have turned what was once just a day of tragedy for this military family into a day of celebrations.

A firefighter at Fort Riley arrived just in time to deliver baby Samuel. The family thanked him days later with a cookie from Samuel that said, “Thanks for catching me.”

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