Fort Riley gets cooking for Apple Day Festival

FORT RILEY (KSNT) — There are some different kinds of maneuvers going on at Fort Riley this week — something the soldiers there just might not know a lot about. It all has to do with this weekend’s Apple Day Festival at the post.

The troops are working multiple two hour shifts to make 1,500 apple pies. Danielle Alch is one of the hundreds of civilian and military volunteers who’s helping reach this goal.

“There have been many man hours to the making the assembly of these apple pies,” she said. “We couldn’t have done it without the many volunteers.”

With over 12,000 apples to work with, each one is peeled, cored, sliced and mashed together with crumbly toppings.

All of the money made from selling the pies goes into preserving the history of Fort Riley.

The festival has drawn 7,000 people annually and they’re expecting this year to be no different.

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