Kansans follow the yellow brick road to Oztoberfest

WAMEGO (KSNT) — People from all across the sunflower state paid a visit to a far off land for the annual Oztoberfest.

It’s a day where scarecrows, tin men, witches, and flying monkeys ruled the land.

Click your heels twice and you’ll be saying, ‘There’s no place like Oztoberfest’.

From a car show, to live music, to a wickedly awesome costume contest, there something here for all ages.

“There’s a lot of people here, and I can’t find anyone I know beside these guys,” says the Cowardly Lion.

While the Lion is looking for courage, there was a lot of people here to help him find it.

From a host of Dorothys, to mini Glendas, and munchkins traveling as far as Munchkinland, many spent their time looking for the Wizard, others brought their old classic cars to Emerald City.

“We’ve had a great time. My son and I, it’s our first car show and we brought a 1978 corvette,” said Gail Urban, a first time Oztober festival goer.

For now the rainbow and skies have cleared, and Dorothy has found her way home to Kansas. If you missed out, you’ll just have to wait till next year, to enjoy the magical world of Oz.

This year the Oz Museum brought in two special features to share with movie lovers. On display are two original munchkin costumes worn in the classic 1939 movie.

The Oz Museum is open all year.

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