Bounce house a hazard for children?

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A weekend of fun took an unexpected turn for the worst. A bounce house full of children collapsed and blew into multiple booths injuring several children, even sending one to the hospital.

“Micro burst came through and I believe it blew over one of the blowup rides that the operator had there and it landed on a couple of kids,” said Kansas Expocentre manager HR Cook.

Multiple people tried to help secure the bounce house. Jeff Payne, a retired fire chief, tried to help in any way he could. He says he was about 50 feet away from the inflatable when he felt a gust of wind behind him. He proceeded to take pictures of what was going on. He says that he’s worked with child safety issues before and has worked events like this.

“Usually you see a lot of them and they are anchored pretty well or supported with sand bags and this just wasn’t,” he said.

After the incident, Topeka firefighters checked the rest of the inflatables. They were considered safe and children continued to play.

KSNT had callers who also said the bounce house was unsafe.

The Expocentre says that every vendor at the event has to abide by their safety guidelines. They are speaking with the company that owns the inflatable and one of the parents whose children was hurt.

KSNT is trying to contact the company who provided the bounce house but the phone number listed on their website is no longer active. We will let you know when we have more.

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