Despite wet summer pumpkin crops are thriving

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Pumpkin season is here, but heavy rain in the Midwest is doing damage to pumpkin crops across the plains.

While families are enjoying this fall like weather in Shawnee County, George Meier the owner of Meier’s Pumpkin Paradise is fielding pumpkins, and he’s got a lot.

“We were lucky the rain stopped at the right time, and pretty much came at the right time,” says George Meier, owner of Meier’s Pumpkin Paradise.

Most of the Midwest and parts of Kansas have seen a wet summer, which in some cases meant ruined crops for local farmers.

However Meier says that thankfully wasn’t the case for his pumpkins.

Topeka has averaged about 7.5 inches of rain so far in September. Meier’s says despite rain and the humidity, he’s grown some big beauts.

“We have a, I would say a bumper crop of pumpkins. We have gorgeous pumpkins this year,” Meier’s says.

Pumpkins grow close to the ground, so heavy rain over the summer can really impact the size of the pumpkins.

“We had to irrigate couple times. The rain didn’t hurt them as much as they do vegetables, so actually the farmers I think did quite well in the rain unless they were in low ground where it got flooded.”

Meier says his pumpkins did so well this year that farmers in neighboring states Colorado and Texas are asking for a supply.

As far as other thriving harvest crops, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Kansas had a very great year for growing corn.

Farmers are expected to haul in 55 million bushels of corn this harvest.

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