K-State police investigate sexual battery

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – A call to police that started out as a man streaking on campus, turned out to be something very different.

Around 7 p.m. Tuesday night, “officers were called to the residence halls in the northeast part of campus for the report of a naked male that had battered some students,”said campus police Maj. Don Stubbings.

Two of the reports are now being investigated as sexual battery after the man, who police have in custody, allegedly touched the women inappropriately. The other two reports are being considered battery.

In situations that occur in the dorms, the residence hall advisers are the first line of communication to campus police.

Because of that, they go through training at the beginning of every year.

“The RAs did activate and did call campus police and they did respond very quickly to help,” according to Assistant Vice President of Student Life Derek Jackson.

Most of the halls at K-State are co-ed but, Jackson said there are still some female-only dorms. Approximately 4,000 students live in the dorms and there are two RAs on each floor, Jackson said.

Neither campus police or the university is saying which dorm the incident occurred in but they did say it was in the northeast part of campus.

And although the suspect is in custody and currently hospitalized, students are still feeling the effects of the event.

“It makes me feel weird actually walking around campus knowing there is somebody naked running around touching other students,” said sophomore Corey Denson.

Denson, who moved to Manhattan this year lives off campus, but said the entire incident was unsettling.

“Yeah, I’ll be on my p’s and q’s actually,” he said.

Jackson said, as of Friday, he had not heard from any students expressing concern over the incident.

To formal charges have been filed at this time.

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