Carbondale city council refuse to discuss police chief’s suspension

CARBONDALE (KSNT) – Nearly two weeks after the Carbondale police chief was suspended with pay, some residents attended Monday night’s city council meeting to try and learn why?

Chief Chris Edin was suspended after meeting with the mayor, a council member and the city attorney of the small, rural community, but no reason was given for the action.

Monday night’s meeting was attended by about 20 city residents, and the atmosphere was very tense.

The council, which is made up of five members, including the mayor, opened the meeting then went into executive session for 30-minutes.

By state law they don’t have to say what was discussed in that executive session, only whether any action was taken.

After that half-hour, the council came out and said no action was taken, but we don’t know whether they even discussed the chief’s status.

They did open the floor up for any questions by the audience, nobody said anything about what’s going on with the chief.

This despite many questions last week by city residents when we first reported on Edin’s suspension with pay.

Many of those people have raised their concerns to KSNT News privately, but apparently none are willing to go on a public record.

Edin is the fourth police chief in six years.

KSNT News attempted to contact Chief Edin Monday without success, nor were several calls to his attorney returned.

So for right now, Chief Edin is still the chief although a suspended chief who’s not been seen in his office in more than a week.

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