Cox Communications is going digital

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Five Cox cable channels went digital Tuesday. It’s all a part of Cox Communications’ big push to “go digital”.

Once that conversion is complete, if you only have an older, non-digital TV that is connected directly to the wall jack, you won’t get any picture at all without a converter box.

“We are upgrading from an analog signal, which is very antiquated technology, to a purely digital signal,” said Dennis Clary, Senior Manager in PR for Cox Communications.

The company says the new boxes help make the picture on the screen clearer, but some question the need to pay the monthly fee for the converter. If you already have a digital television, why do you need a digital converter?

“Putting an analog signal into a digital television, you actually are underutilizing the performance that they are meant for,” said Best Buy employee, Jacob Frisbie. “With using a digital signal, you can get the full spectrum of what these TV’s actually provide.”

Garick Lair has had his digital converter box since September, and he says it’s about time the company went digital.

“I love the mini box,” Lair says. “It allows me to have TV Guide in my room, as well as, I feel like, better access to channels and they are not quite as fuzzy.”

Clary, says customers won’t have to immediately pay for the boxes. The first one is free for the first year. Additional boxes in a household are less than $2 per box for every set you use.

“This is going to allow us to improve services downstream, whether that be by predominantly faster internet speeds,” Clary says.

All the Cox analog channels are expected to go dark by Jan. 12. And the new boxes have another feature: They’re virtually pirate proof.

You can see when the service changes in your area at:

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